Nat & Rob

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Nat & Rob

Nat and Rob’s wedding reception at the Belongil has been a breath of fresh air for the couple and guests alike. Who would have thought starting a lifetime commitment could be accentuated by childish pleasures?


Upon entering the venue, everyone is greeted by a Winnie the Pooh and Piglet drawing with a caption of sweetness. Further in, guests are engaged in a fun game of trying to find their names on a large wordfinder crossword, making it a reception to remember.


Sweet, delectable treats are served by the Belongil wedding venue staff, bringing forth a sugar rush in everyone. The venue was filled with romantic saxophone music, making the event even sweeter. To top it all off, the couple cut a delicious-looking chocolate cake in the middle of rows of flowers and scattered candles for everyone to see.


Photography: Yan Chen Foto