Kirsty & Marco

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Kirsty & Marco

Kristy and Marco’s wedding reception at the Belongil was an earthy communion. Everything about the memorable event features simplicity and nature at its finest.


The exchange of vows takes place on the white sandy beach overlooking the pristine, calm waters. Bouquets of flowers in makeshift vases decorate the bench edges and guests walk on the sand and were laid back and relaxed as they were barefoot and dressed lightly for the occasion.


In the dining area, the lights were subtly positioned from the ceiling, adding layer to the ambience. Plants and flowers on the tables, hanging overhead and dotted around the venue, created an atmosphere of natural beauty. Acoustic music accompanied the event, allowing everyone to leisurely enjoy the moment.


Stylist: Frank & Joy

Photographer: Two People by Agi Davis

Florist: The French Petal

Celebrant: Modern Love Celebrant

Videography: Bryon Wedding Visual