Jireh & Sho

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Jireh & Sho

Warmth and purity was the theme for Jireh and Sho’s wedding reception at the Belongil, Byron Bay’s wedding reception venue.  Jireh and Sho are joined by their closest family and friends to celebrate their day. From the ceremony until the reception, there is no shortage of genuine love and community.


The exchange of vows took place on a white sandy beach, with guest seating positioned towards the center, as if concentrating their undivided attention on the couple. It symbolizes how their friends and family shower them with love and provide blessing for their union.


The reception venue is illuminated by warm, incandescent light, and guests enjoyed food, drink and hospitality from the belongil staff. The tables and chairs are intimately positioned to maximise conversation.


Stylist: Get Hitched in the Hinterland

Photographer: Sea Sewell